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Computerized Polygraph System

The Lafayette LX5000-sw Computerized Polygraph System Records, Stores, and Analyzes physiological changes during a polygraph examination, and it is designed to reflect the needs of experts whose careers hinge upon quality equipment.

It combines the conventional polygraph procedure with a sophisticated state-of-the-art computer.

Poligraf Lafayette Lx 5000-sw

Designed as a robust system that is significantly smaller in size, the LX5000 System is capable of simultaneously recording up to 9 channels, providing the following benefits:

The LX5000 provides:

  • Data transfer rate up to 360 samples per second across all channels.
  • 24-bit analog to digital conversion.
  • Easy transport and storage due to its small compact design.
  • Expandability: can add additional modules
  • Extended measurement ranges.
  • Selectable GSR or GSC channel.
  • PPG channel included.
  • Durability, yet lightweight design.

The 9 input channels are for:

  • P1-Abdominal Respiration
  • P2-Thoracic Respiration
  • EDA-Electrodermal
  • PLE -Plethysmograph
  • Cardio-Cardiovascular
  • Arm-Arm movement
  • Seat-Seat movement
  • Feet-Feet movement

The Computerized Polygraph System used in the POLYGRAPH TEST SOLUTIONS Laboratory, is manufactured by the Concern Lafayette Instrument Company, USA.

The Lafayette Instrument Company USA, is also the leading supplier of scientific instruments of polygraph for the U.S. government(police,defense,intelligence), and therefore the polygraph equipment for export is very strictly monitored regarding the final user.

All the scientific equipment acquired by the POLYGRAPH TEST SOLUTIONS Company was imported directly from the Lafayette Instrument Company, through the sole representative in Romania, SC.Venus Impex 2000.

The Company"s Polygraph Laboratory is accredited by the Romanian Polygraph Association, and the Examiner who serves this laboratory is certified as a Polygraph Expert, being accredited by the single center in Romania for Polygraph Expert formation, the Euro Poligraf Center.

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